Top 5 Best iPad and Electronic items Docking & Charging Stations


Docking stations are the ultimate convenience for any iPad or some small items owner. They charge your device while keeping pesky, tangled cords out of the way. Docking stations often include extra features like alarm clocks, sound systems and USB ports to charge more than one electronic device, giving them multiple uses in your home. Today, iPad docking stations are becoming a fixture in more and more homes.

There are many types of docking stations with different features included. Here are the top ten best iPad docking stations available on the market today.

1. G.U.S. Eco-friendly Bamboo Multi-device Charging Station And Dock

Perhaps the best looking iPad docking station available on the market today, this eco-friendly bamboo model from Great Useful Stuff will pour the style onto your devices during a charge. The middle divider is designed to keep any sized iPad fully charged.

Ideal for families or communal rooms, this dock holds up to three smartphones in its front layer and a MacBook in its tallest back divider. The bottom layer of the dock keeps charging cords out of sight and untangled, giving this bamboo dock an even cleaner look. Instead of using plastic or aluminum for its body materials, G.U.S.

2. Hercules Tuff Charging Station for Multiple Devices

This sleek docking system from Hercules Tuff charges your iPad and iPhone simultaneously. It includes two lightning connectors so it keeps both devices standing upright during a charge. There’s a small speaker in its rear that really cranks up loud—over 70 decibels of sound—so you can blast tunes from your iPad or iPhone. The dock also includes control buttons along with its front panel for easy song and volume selection. It arrives in a shade of red that turns up the fun in any room.

3. EZR life All-in-One

Keep all your things organized in one place by your hand – 8 compartments that can hold either up to 14 remotes(!) or 3 remotes + a tablet + a phone + a book (e-book) + glasses + smaller things like pens, earphones etc. And the size of the organizer is just 9.06″x6.70″x6.07″

the organizer fits any size of a smartphone + a tablet (or even a laptop) and has convenient holes for charging cables, so that your devices can be charged while sitting nicely in the organizer, plus you can see their displays so that you don’t miss any notifications (no powerstrip inside and it’s not needed).

the organizer is made from faux leather and other safe materials, and also it doesn’t have any moving or small parts which could break apart and become hazardous for children or pets

4. Wood Phone Docking Station Ash Key Holder Wallet Stand Watch Organizer

Сharge your cell phone and keep your daily-used things at hand. Size assembled 6x10x7.3″. This stand is made of SOLID ASH-TREE and covered with non-toxic protective finishing.

For making these stands we use only the best high-quality solid wood. The surface is smoothly polished and covered with durable finishing. Perfectly fits into any interior – both classical and modern styles.

The stand is easy to assemble (assembly manual attached). Compatible with all kinds of smartphones. The stand also has compartments for wallets, documents, glasses, watches, fitness trackers, bracelets, keys, stationary etc.

5. MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station & Multi Device Organizer Slim Version

Enjoy a Slimmer version of the top-rated MobileVision Bamboo Charging Dock for multiple devices and tech gadgets. Organize your laptop, multiple tablets, and at least 3 smartphones while they charge. Ideal for clearing up necessary desktop and counter top space.

Charging your devices is now even easier with the lid’s center cutout extending through to the 3rd divider and allowing for more options for accommodating your devices’ charging cable and devices’ charging ports, Strong magnets keep your lid in place and phones and tablets secure while they power up.

Center base allows for more room and more options while choosing your favorite USB power strip or multi device USB hub to pair with the device organizer. Product dimensions: 10” x 6.5” x 9” (25.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 23 cm)



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