Top 5 Best Random Orbital Sanders


If you are a carpenter and you feel you want to give the best services to your customer, for instance, smoothening of a wooden floor among other things you can give a try on the best random orbital sanders in the market.

I did a research for you on the best random orbit sanders and it’s up to you to choose the most preferred. Below are some of the random orbit sanders that are the best in the market and give the best results once used, they include:

1. Skil 7492-02 random orbit sander

This product was manufactured in China and contains different features that make it suitable to use while working. Some of this features include an orbit sander, it’s 5 inch, 12500 0PM, pad brake, a permanent vacuum dust port, micro filtration dust canister, dust sealed switch and has a pressure control technology to give out the best results. This random orbit sander doesn’t need skills hence make it easy to use. You can give it a try and you will love its end results.

2. Bosch 3725DEVS 3.3 Amp 5 inch random orbit sander

This product is the best and has the best features if you need a very smooth end product. It contains a microcellular-backing pad, which is soft to give a super smooth finishing.

It has speed that can be controlled as from 4500-12000 OPM in order to use the most suitable speed on a given work piece. This random orbit sander has a rugged housing with a pad mounting that gives a smoother surface and also results in no vibration and wobble. Also, it has a pad that rotates and orbits to give the best smoothness. Finally it has the best random orbiting sanding action to give the best results.

3. HICO HET-205 2.0 Amp 6 inch random orbit sander

This is one of the best random orbit sanders because of its design and features. The motor uses a speed of 12000 OPM hence favorable to use for smooth finishes especially with the available 6-inch pad. The housing of this sander has an ergonomic design for easy control and makes it comfortable to use. The motor is fan cooled and has a sealed ball bearing construction hence provide a dust bag with a vacuum adapter. The controlling finishing system controls pad speed and gouging when you start to use it. In addition the dust-sealed switch protects it from sucking dust hence increases its durability.

4. Makita B05041K 5 inch random orbit sander

This sander has a 3.o AMP motor that results in fast sanding and very smooth surfaces. It has a controlled speed of 4000-12000 OPM that makes it easy to use suitable speed on the given work piece. The sander has an ergonomic design with a rubber handle in order to give comfort and for easy control. It’s easy to use it for sanding in corners because of the adjustable front handle. You can easily control the pad speed due to the availability of the pad control system. A swirl free finish is obtained due to the large random orbit action. Additionally a trigger switch is available for operator comfort and use.

5. Dewalt DWE6421K random orbit sander

It has a 3.0 motor that uses a speed of 12000 OPM to give the best smoother surfaces. There is a dust-sealed switch that protects the sander from dust particles hence make it last longer. Also, there is a vacuum locking system that collects dust and you can easily remove the dust from it. The sander includes a dust bag that has an innovative on hand locking system.


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