What is the best retractable garden hose in 2020?


Are you looking for a hose that simplifies your cleaning and watering tasks? If so, an expandable garden hose is an ideal option. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, an expandable garden hose can expand with water pressure. This means that it can allow you to achieve greater range without sacrificing portability and ease of storage. Plus, these hoses are lightweight and less prone to tangling and kinking for frustration-free performance. To help you find the perfect garden hose, here are the 5 best retractable garden hoses.

We will provide you with detailed information about each product along with its pros and cons. You can also find a helpful buying guide in this article which you should follow before confirming your choice. Therefore, be sure to read the article to the end.

1. Aterod Expandable Garden Hose

The Aterod Extendable Garden Hose is an ideal choice for cleaning pets, watering the garden, washing the house, car or yard. This pipe is 17 feet long. However, it extends 50 feet with water pressure to help you reach remote areas. The garden hose comes with a 9-function spray nozzle. The nozzle offers a variety of spray patterns including shower cone, full, angle, mist, center, soaker, spray, and flat.

The garden hose is constructed in a durable manner. It features a double layer latex core for added durability. In addition, it comes with solid brass fittings that withstand water pressure up to 12 bar. Featuring extra-flexible material, the garden hose is easy to maneuver around trees and bushes. In addition, it features an advanced design that resists tangling, twisting, and bending. Once you take the pressure off the water, the garden hose can retract to a small size for effortless storage in tight spaces.

2. GAGALUGEC 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

Designed to handle a variety of cleaning and watering tasks, this garden hose comes with a 9-function spray nozzle. Nozzle offers nine spray patterns including Cone, Shower, Full, Flat, Mist, Spray, Center, Angle, and Soak, to help you handle a variety of watering tasks and cleaning. In addition, the nozzle has a rotating bezel for easy selection of the right spray pattern. The nozzle features a rubberized outer coating for comfortable, non-slip performance.

The garden hose can extend from 17 feet to 50 feet with water pressure, allowing it to reach remote areas. The hose features a high density, triple layer latex core for added durability. In addition, it has a 3750D polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage. The garden hose can withstand a pressure ranging from 3 bar to 12 bar. Also, it withstands temperatures of 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to its lightweight design, it is an ideal choice for an easy to carry the garden hose.

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3. HOSELINK Retractable Hose Reel

For a thorough watering solution in your yard, HOMELINK comes as the retractable garden hoses reel you need for superior performance. Hose reels use innovative technology that makes it easy to wind and untangle for all hose needs, including a rewind design feature that facilitates stable operation. The hose reel includes a leak-proof, high-performance hose link for easy connection of brass hose fittings and connectors.

For efficiency, hose reels are offered in 82ft x 9/16 inch hoses and contain only brass threaded ends. The hose reel works with a 7-function metal spray gun that promotes superior performance. It is also offered in a wall-mount design that can rotate 180 degrees.

4. Giraffe Retractable/Removable Hose-Reel

Kirin’s retractable garden hoses are offered with optional position locking and automatic rewinding technology so you have control over all your water supply systems. The hose reel dedicated lock allows you to lock in any position, safe operation, and desired length. The hose also uses an automatic guide to unwind the hose and a rotating bracket that allows it to rotate up to 180 degrees, giving you the efficiency you need.

It’s a flexible hose that uses 5/8 “x 60ft hoses, and also features a sturdy, long-lasting hose that can be used efficiently from a variety of angles. You can easily use any of the nine adjustment nozzles for spraying, such as center, shower, vertical, mist, soaker, flat, rinse, cone, etc., which also improves the efficiency of the function.

5. AMES 2416500 Wall Mount Retractable Hose Reel

The AMES comes as a versatile, retractable garden hoses reel that takes care of all your garden water supply systems. It is highly advanced where it features exclusive no-leak autowinder technology for excellent performance where it also comes with 100 feet of a 1/2-inch hose for all your needs. It only takes a few seconds to the coil and untangles the hoses as it promotes an easy retract design that you can achieve with a single pull.

For excellent, long-lasting performance, the retractable hose reel features a lightweight, leak-free, and durable aluminum water system. Aluminum construction will never crack, ensures a tight seal to prevent leaks. The wall mount design promotes 180 degrees water swivel during use for easier access and also inward when not in use for greater efficiency.


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